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TakeOff Air - Full kit

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Product Details

Introducing the TakeOff Air, offering air travel & swappable batteries.

Ride time: 30-40 min ride time. 60-80 min with 2x batteries.

It is easy to install and compatible with any foil board with a 90mm foil track, making it accessible to foilers of all levels.

Prone foil: Forget about paddling to catch a wave or using a jetski for towing yourself. Discover the freedom of foiling by starting with the motor. Get more waves, on further spots, even on smaller bumps.

Downwind: Use the TakeOff to go upwind and access distant spots, or as a safety to bring you back.

Wing: Say goodbye to hardcore pumping with the help of the motor. Foil in light wind or use it as a tool to learn at your own pace.

eFoil: Imagine riding with half the weight of an average eFoil. Easier to carry, and more playful.

The kit includes:

  • Base unit
  • Nose & blank module
  • Motor pod
  • 2-Blade folding propeller
  • Set of 4 travel batteries
  • Standard Charger (2h recharge time)
  • Remote
  • Foam for mast track & nose cone
  • Casing & accessories

Note: if you select the Integrated mast, please mention in the comments the fuselage adapter you need.

Estimated shipping date: 4-6 weeks.

Note: The board and foil are not included in the TakeOff Kit.

Delivery from our European warehouse (customs already included).

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