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Introducing Manta Foils, a premium brand of lightweight carbon eFoils
and foil assist kits.

We are the fruit of 20 years of foil design experience from our founder Renaud Barbier, who designed for other brands until he created Manta Foils in 2018, specializing in eFoils, kitefoils, and wingfoils.

We are French owned, and operate from our in-house design and assembly facility in Dubai. We ship worldwide. Our European facilities (stock & aftersales) are located in France & Germany.

We launched in March 2023 our 4th generation of eFoils, the ‘Volt 4’, which was a major design step up and a success. We then continued with the ‘Voyager’ in August, a super stable eFoil with a handlebar to provide more stability to first timers. This responded to schools’ demand to make eFoiling more accessible to beginners.


eFoil innovation

Our goal is not only to offer premium options (Jet propulsion, lightweight board, long range battery, folding prop...), but also to bring innovation to improve our customers' life:

  • Largest battery capacity on the market with 50 Ah / 2.6kW, which comes standard on all our eFoils. This is +25% more than most competitors.

  • Best battery cell grade used in our batteries, which are fully designed inhouse. Those are costing us +40% more than competitors are using, but they are by far the safest thanks to a single fuse used on each cell. They also offers more power output, which means that we only run at mid capacity when we ride, making sure we never push it to the limits.

  • One of the lightest carbon board construction thanks to the battery placed underneath. It improves the balance with its lower center of gravity, and offers a clean top deck to place your feet wherever you want.

  • Wingfoil conversion kit, so you can use your eFoil board as a wingfoil board.

  • Programmable remote from beginner to pro

  • Plug & play battery. It's not only faster to install, but also improves reliability by removing the power cables, which are a common point of failure on the long run.


Foil assist - The next big thing
We are now fully devoted to our latest product, the TakeOff, a universal electric motor kit to mount on your existing foil. This allows you to foil in more conditions (ex: smaller waves or wind) or learn at your own pace.

Our aim is to offer new features like air travel batteries, clean cable routing, more battery capacity, multi-length mast mounting, etc.

We are now seeing a huge traction from foilers & schools across the world, and are expanding our network of dealers accordingly. And we hope you can be part of our journey!

Cheers! 🙂🤙

Thomas Radiguet
General Manager

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